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How to Use
It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!
Push & Twist...Tap...feel


Outdoor Use- The SOIL SLEUTH should be pushed to the bottom of container or into the soil up to a depth of 12 inches, given a quarter turn then pulled up. Tap the soil into the palm of your hand or pinch test with your fingers at each notch.
A GENERAL rule of thumb concerning watering- Plants sitting in bright light require more water than plants sitting in lower lighted areas. Also MAINTAIN your plants on a WEEKLY SCHEDULE. Check for infestations on and under the leaves, remove any yellow or brown leaves, give the plants a dusting to keep their pores unclogged so they can breathe and then, with your SOIL SLEUTH, decide if they need to be watered. Add fertilizer to water (one eighth strength of the recommended amount) when watering during March through October. November through February, add fertilizer to the water only once a month.
SUGGESTION- many people have trouble with their Ficus trees. Some have found that Ficus trees prefer to be wet and placed in very good light. If their leaves turn yellow and fall, the plant is too dry. If tiny little green leaves fall, the plant is too wet. Also, if the plant is moved frequently, it will never adjust to its new home and will continue to lose leaves.